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Wiper Blaster - Wipe Drive & Erase Software - $6.99

Wipe, Erase, Then Share External & Flash Drives With Confidence!

For Law Firms and all Business; Anyone that shares flash drives!

Wiper Blaster Software -- Copyright 2013-16 all rights reserved

Drive and Disk Erase Software

Wiper Blaster Prevents Restoration of Deleted Files That Could be Recovered by Others

$6.99 per license

(For Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10)

  • Erase and delete your disk and drive
  • Sanitizes and secures your disk
  • Prevents recovery of deleted files that could be restored
  • Makes it safe to share drives with others

Why You Need Wiper Blaster Software:

  • When files are deleted from a computer drive, it is not actually permanently erased. Any file in the recycle bin can be recovered. The Windows delete function does not empty the space where the deleted file was located. It only instructs the O/S that is okay to write data to the space on the drive. All of the data you thought was erased is STILL THERE!
  • Your "erased" and "deleted data remains on your disk until another file overwrites it by using the same space on the disk. The only way to prevent data from being recovered is to overwrite it.
  • Wiper Blaster Software wipes all free unused space on your disks by overwriting zeros or other patterns depending on the wipe method chosen, then deletes the data on the drive making it impossible to recover files.
  • Use Wiper Blaster Software every time you delete files containing confidential, personal, or sensitive data.

Flash/External Drive Options:

  • Completely overwrites all data, then wipes external and flash drives or...
  • Only overwrites empty space, then wipes to prevent deleted and temporary file restoration.

Hard Drive/Local Drive Options:

  • Will only overwrite and wipe free space to make it impossible to restore deleted files.

Wiper Blaster Program Features:

  • Stand-alone program with a simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Wiper Blaster destroys files containing private and confidential information, and data that can be easily recovered with restore software.
  • Wipe files and deleted files from your disk, hard drive, flash, memory stick, etc.
  • All your private sensitive insecurely erased information will be wiped from free unused space on your drives to ensure complete data destruction.
  • Option to use several security algorithms including a Simple 1 pass, Schneier 7 pass, DoD 7 pass or the Gutmann 35 pass algorithm.
  • Deleted files can't be recovered.


(Prices updated May 26, 2013)



Drive Erase Pro


Erase Drive Pro




Wiper Blaster

$ 6.99


(For Windows Vista/XP/7/8/10)

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Drive Wipe and Erase Software for

Flash, External, and Hard Drives

Software to Overwrite and Delete Files or Just Free Drive Space